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Medical Records Review and Summary

With nurses who are experienced from the bedside to the boardroom, we provide expert review of medical records in a variety of case types, including Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, and Criminal.

The summary of findings includes professional medical analysis, direct links to causation, deviations from standards of care, missing or incomplete documentation of care, identification and exacerbation of preexisting conditions, missing records, and suggestions for further discovery, depositions, and expert witness retention.

Not only do our reports outline how you can best leverage the records in your case, but also make you aware of how opposing counsel may use the records to attack your case's vulnerabilities, so you go in fully prepared on every case.

Chronology of Medical Events

Our experts provide a detailed chronology of medical events, but we give you much more than just the facts.

We also provide insight into medical findings, provide expert opinions, give definitions, explanations, and illustrations of medical terminology, and provide links directly to evidence-based research to support your case.

Defense/Independent Medical Exam Observation and Report

We observe, record, and summarize findings from Defense/Independent Medical Examinations.

Our consultants have witnessed thousands of medical exams and are well positioned to identify gaps in examinations to ensure accuracy of the defense medical report.

We speak to your client beforehand to prepare them for the exam, set expectations for the event, and provide support from arrival until they leave the building.

Deposition and Cross Examination Preparation

We assist attorneys in preparation for deposition and/or cross examination lines of questioning using decades of knowledge and experience in healthcare.

We provide a more complete and accurate understanding of the medical events and how to best leverage them during deposition.

Expert Witness Identification

We find you the best, most qualified expert witnesses in their field. This includes nursing, physician, specialty, and ancillary experts to support your case.

After locating and vetting 2-3 options for you to consider, you choose the one that fits your needs. Only after making your final selection do we bill you a low, flat fee. Let us do the footwork to retain the most talented witnesses from around the country.

Accompaniment to Court

Our Legal Nurse Consultants will accompany the attorney to court, acting as a real-time behind-the-scenes expert to the attorney client.

We will also provide a summary of medical aspects of the case from the court hearing, so you enter the courtroom more prepared with each encounter.



"I have had the privilege of working with Randy Loveless in multiple positions. As a Director and as a legal nurse consultant. I recognized his outstanding leadership abilities, his compassion for people and his dedication to excellence.

When I started my own consulting business he was one of the first people I contacted to be part of my dream, and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend Randy for any role that requires these attributes."

~ Lynn Belcher, BSN, RN, MHA, CLNC

"Randy is a very talented change agent, that is able to look at opportunities and processes through data analysis to add a lens of understanding into meaningful solutions. This is accompanied by a collegial demeanor that promotes his ability to work with teams. His level headed no nonsense approach helps teams to achieve change in process but also change in culture to combat the status quo."

~ Will Stewart, MSN, RN, CEN, EMT-LP, NE-BC

"Mr. Loveless is a leader that exhibits a passion for emergency services and was able to quickly develop quality working relationships with administration, physicians, and caregivers to support the needs of the departments. His creativity and resilience were examples for all caregivers. He is a true collaborator and was quickly respected by his colleagues for his knowledge of emergency medicine and nursing, as well as emergency preparedness."

~ Marilyn Drone MSN, RN, CNO

Attorney Clients

"I have been in this business for over 40 years and have seen 100’s of legal nurse reports. The work you do far exceeds anything I have ever seen."

"I thought you were fairly priced, until I saw your work… then I realized that you are worth so much more!"

"I love how responsive, professional, and excellent you are.”

"I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you have far exceeded anything I might have thought I would get.”

"Your report gives me a lot more than I had before. I am now going to settle for so much more on this case!”

"I have used over-seas consultants for years, but the work you did is worth so much more than we had to pay for it. I would have paid 10 times that amount for the work you did!”

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